Potassium Sodium System

How Hypertension happens

Many health professionals talk about reducing Sodium in daily diets to reduce the risk of hypertension, but it’s not all about pointing fingers at salt.

A balance between Potassium and Sodium intake should be achieved for our body to work at an optimum level




How salt causes hypertension

When we constantly take too much salt, the high salt concentration in the blood triggers the brain to release the ADH hormone which signals the kidneys to retain water to dilute the salt. (2)

Sodium attracts water and draws more water into the blood. This increases the blood volume which in turn raises blood pressure. Water retention also happens.

When our blood pressure is continuously high, our heart is continuously burdened which will eventually result in cardiovascular diseases.



How potassium helps reduce the effects of hypertension

So how does potassium help? Well, let’s just say it enhances the effects of a low sodium diet.

Potassium promotes the excretion of sodium salts in the urine, lowering blood pressure altogether in the body. (16) This is so because sodium and water is excreted from the blood vessels at the same time. Blood pressure lowers and stabilizes.

It is important to see that potassium and sodium work closely hand in hand. Balance cannot be achieved without one or the other. But in today’s world, how did we end up with diets containing high sodium and low nutritional value?





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