A pure and natural salt sourced from the cleanest and purest ecological environment.

Ever notice that bottle of salt in your kitchen? It is one of the most important and frequently used ingredients during the preparation of any meal. Have you ever wondered what is contained in that bottle of salt? What are the origins of the salt you are using? How is the salt harvested?

3.5 million years ago, a salt lake was formed in the remote desert. It was formed in the cleanest and purest ecological environment. This POLLUTION-FREE salt lake produces the purest and natural high quality Lake Salt in the world.

On top of that, it has undergone minimal process during harvest, making it closest to its original natural composition and present with other trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are essential for our body to function.

This is where and how Fine Foods Lake Salt was born!!

What is so special about our Lake Salt?


  • Fine Foods™ Lake Salt comes from a lake
    Our salt is harvested naturally into salt crystals and naturally contains several trace elements such as calcium and magnesium.
  • Fine Foods™ Lake Salt is organic, pure and natural
    Our salt is organically accredited by the BFA, Australia's leading accreditation body
  • Fine Foods™ Lake Salt has a mild distinctive flavour
    Our salt is harvested with no interference to the salt's natural composition resulting in all its distinctive mild and gentle flavour being retained.
  • Can be used sparingly
    Despite Fine Foods™ Lake Salt mild and gentle flavour, a pinch of Lake Salt in cooking is all you need compared with other types of salt.
  • It is now Iodized!
    Iodized salt helps you achieve your iodine daily needs easier. Proper iodine intake is essential for good thyroid health
  • Fine Foods Lake Salt is environmental friendly
    The production of our Fine Foods™ Lake Salt emits 6 times LESS carbon dioxide compared to normal processed salt.


1. Where does Fine Foods™Lake Salt come from?

Fine Foods™ Lake Salt originates from a natural lake. The lake is situated in the cleanest and purest ecological environment in the desert regions. The ancient salt deposited remains pollution-free till this day

2. Is Fine Foods™ Lake Salt iodized?

Yes our Lake Salt is iodized. Adequate iodine intake helps in the improvement of thyroid health, development of IQ, improvement of energy levels and prevention of radioactive effects. (Xue-Yi et al 1994).

3. How do I know which salt is suitable for me?

Below are a few pointers for choosing the right salt.

  • Clean and pure salt source with no pollution
  • Chemical-free
  • Simple process
  • Contains iodine and other natural minerals
  • And the best of all, LOW-SODIUM SALT (Lake Salt LIGHT)

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1 Tea Spoon: 5 Gram
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