3 Tips To Enjoy Delicious Raya Food and Still Reduce Weight

Aidilfitri/Raya is always a delight to look forward to with the abundance of delicious food especially on the first 7 days of Syawal. These foods trigger our taste buds and boosts our mood. Unfortunately, they are extremely HIGH in calories, fats, sugar and salt especially in santan based food as well as kuih raya. However, we have the mindset that because we can only enjoy all these delicious food once a year, we stuff ourselves silly and regret only starts to seep in when we stand on the dreaded weighing machine at the end of the month.

Below are 3 simple tips you can do to enjoy Raya food and still look good!

  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!
  • Did you know that one can burn up to 180 to 266 calories with just 10 minutes of jogging? (Amount of calories burned depends on your weight) (Harvard Health Publication, 2004).
  • By jogging around 30 – 40 minutes a day, you would have burned off the two servings of rendang you just had for lunch. Burp!

  • Minimize or eliminate sugary drinks completely
  • Sugary drinks such as Teh Tarik, Coke and cordial drinks are high in calories, colouring and sugar. Overconsumption happens easily especially when refills are “unlimited” during house visits. Make a conscious choice to pick water instead of these sugary drinks.

  • Go to an open house in the morning.

  • It may seem weird but there is a perfect explanation for this.
  • Do you know that the recommended calorie intake for breakfast is 650kcal, lunch is 500kcal and dinner is 400kcal? (Bahagian Pemakanan Kementerian Malaysia, 2011).
  • This is because the calories that we take in the morning can be burned throughout the day with our daily chores but this reduces for lunch and subsequently dinner as we generally slow down towards the end of the day.

These are all very simple changes that YOU can do for a better YOU. No doubt, festive celebrations are part and parcel of our Malaysian culture, but we can still enjoy food the healthier way. Be smart and plan for your daily calories and you will be fine.

Let this year’s Aidilfitri be the first step to a healthier newer YOU!

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