21-23 June 2013, Malaysian Dietitians’ Association Scientific Conference 2013, Sunway Putra Hotel

The Malaysian Dietitians’ Association held their scientific conference and 19th Annual General Meeting. Seeing the importance to reach dietitans, Fine Foods™ in collaboration with K+S took part as a gold sponsor to showcase potassium chloride and Fine Foods™ Lake Salt LIGHT. Mr Alexander Baart represented K+S and gave a presentation on the 3rd day of the event entitled ‘’Potassium Chloride Food Grade’’ where he talked about Potassium as an alternative to Salt, the core business of K+S, consumption of salt in the USA and why it is important to start looking at the various benefits of potassium.

We had set up our booth and organized a food tasting event using two different salsa sauces. One added with normal salt and another added with Lake Salt LIGHT. The main purpose of this food tasting event was to find out the taste preference of the different dietitians’ who attended the event. Eventually, the count came to Lake Salt LIGHT - 54, Normal Salt - 51. Many were surprised that our salt tasted just like normal salt but with many extra benefits. We also gave out information on potassium chloride as well as Lake Salt LIGHT which is a combination of low sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. All of these minerals are beneficial to help reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Overall, the event was a huge success and we received many constructive feedbacks regarding our products and services. We also reached out to many on the benefits of potassium as well as Lake Salt LIGHT.

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